Be the first mover in green transition

Our platform lets you engage with your customers and help them understand and plan their energy renovation activities towards net zero. It also lets you collect Data about your customers and their properties that can be utilized through our platform to get data and insights for reporting, improve customer segmentation, offer personalized services and generate new revenue streams.

Unique property data

We combine data provided by your customers with third party data sources - e.g. building information, energy consumption and geo-data - to form a unique dataset for each property.

Always updated

By collecting and monitoring data continuously we enable you to have an always updated view of your building stock - on a per property level - at your fingertips.

Standard user interfaces

Our readymade grey-label solution is fast to implement across web and mobile and fits right into your existing solutions. It also works fully standalone for a zero touch integration and fast time-to-market.

Smart energy models

We aggregate real-time energy streams and property data and is continuously training our algorithms, making use of analytics and algorithms, trained across thousands of properties and years of consumption data.

It is a complex problem that requires data from a variety of sources and intelligent algorithms working continuously. We handle that complexity for you and package it into a powerful solution that is easy to implement.

Based on industry standards

Our Building Information Modeling tools are developed by experts and are based on ISO- and National board of housing-standards, and industry best practices.

Our platform is secure, scalable and reliable and is used by the biggest banks in Sweden with an average monthly uptime of 99.99%+.

Receive data the way you want

Our data delivery solutions are flexible, allowing you to get started quickly. Whether it’s by integrating towards our API, webhook, or through the Hemma console.

Improve customer intelligence

Access deep energy performance data on your Customers, properties. Including investment potential, energy performance potential, energy renovation activities modelling, etc. Utilize data to create richer customer profiles and cluster user groups to offer personalized marketing.

Stock analysis

When accurate bottom-up data is missing you can utilize Hemma’s AI-powered API to perform advanced stock analysis on a complete property portfolio. Our API will deliver an estimated answer with accompanying confidence score building on years of collecting property data and energy consumption.

Risk Management

Properties with a low energy efficiency are increasingly susceptible to households defaulting on debt and becoming stranded assets. Improve the lending process with accurate household energy price estimates and identify the assets that are at risk of not meeting future energy efficiency standards or assets that can’t be upgraded to standard within the realm of financial viability.

Validate green activities

Ensure use of proceeds and validate green activities according to the EU Taxonomy. Integrate easily in your existing processes, access the result using our API or Customer dashboard.

Build new revenue streams

Tap into new revenue streams by utilizing data to drive personalized marketing or shift Customers to new contract forms. Connect with Installers for a one stop shop solution.