Taking the guesswork out of your green transition


Identified CO2 reduction to meet the 1.5 °C goal for single family houses until 2034 (CRREM)


Average energy savings potential per property


Average investment costs needed per household


Conversion rate using Hemma’s climate engagement platform

Hemma supports financial institutions in meeting climate goals

We help financial institutions to achieve their climate goals. We drive proactive actions in consumer dialogues and all related support processes.

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Driving action through personalized customer dialogues

Hemma’s offering entails a wide range of solutions that support financial institutions to drive climate and energy transition, and to have more personalized and data-driven conversations with customers about climate-related decisions.

Help implement actionable transition strategies

Hemma provides the data and tools that are needed to set, follow-up and execute on transition strategies.

Integrated sustainability reporting & financing support

Track actual emissions using data with the best available PCAF data quality score (2) and detect drifts from issued EPC by continuously monitoring energy performance.

The Hemma Platform

The Hemma platform supports financial institutions with comprehensive data, analytics and insights, and provides tooling that helps engaging home owners in climate and energy transition.

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Getting started
with Hemma

Hemma helps you progress in your energy and climate transition journey. Our solutions assist you to operationalize your transition strategies using data and tools that enable you to activate your customers in proactive and personalized ways.

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Portfolio Analysis

To start understanding your full mortgage portfolio and underpin transition strategies with data, Hemma’s comprehensive portfolio analysis is a great starting point to get data and insights on 100% of your portfolio. Our repeatable point-in-time analysis helps with enhancing data quality in reporting, setting up a transition strategy, and identifying transition risks.

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Data platform

Hemma’s data platform provides comprehensive data, analytics and insights in an easy way aligned with best practices and industry standards to help in setting, follow-up and executing on goals to create trust and credibility towards stakeholders.

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Climate engagement platform

Utilize our ready-to-go climate engagement platform for a swift integration that allows homeowners to gain insights into their energy consumption and potential savings. This includes features like easy booking of installers, on-site EPC certification, and financing overviews for recommended renovation activities. Customizable financial products enable financial institutions to offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience

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Hemma Console

Access Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data aligned with the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) framework in the Hemma Console. This real-time updated dataset includes variables like energy consumption, data quality score, GHG emissions, and emission factors. The console offers an instant overview of a mortgage portfolio's energy labels and potential based on accurate and granular energy performance data.

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API integration

As a target state for any bank, we envision that you will use the Hemma platform in a systematic way to power all core processes with data. You will use Hemma’s API-endpoints hand-in-hand with your own data-layer, powering the complete ecosystem around transition-related work with high quality real-time energy and climate data.

By integrating directly with the Hemma API, you have the power to tailor the user experience and access our data with precision and security. It allows you to customize the way you use Hemma’s data and tooling, while still having the option to use standalone components and widgets as well.

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Everything necessary for getting started and making the most of the Hemma Platform, including guides, support, resources, and API documentation.

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