Home Energy

We are on a mission to help businesses close the data gap and power home energy transition at scale

20 000+

households helped

100+ GWh

In identified energy savings

2000 EUR

average yearly savings per household

Buildings account for 40% of the energy consumed in the EU

Energy transition of buildings will only happen at scale if energy performance can be measured and systematically improved

Hemma is built with the sole purpose of making readily available insights based on residential buildings energy performance. By providing plug-and-play solutions customers can immediately start leveraging data about their building stock portfolio to drive change, support regulatory reporting and risk mitigation. Hemma aggregates data from multiple sources and applies ISO-standard methodologies as well as proprietary algorithms to deliver enriched insights.

Energy Advice

Collect energy performance data and promote home energy improvements to your customers

Energy Performance Dashboard

Loyalise and reduce churn by helping your customers monitor and progressively improve home energy performance

Impact Reporting

Access structured bottom-up property and energy performance data through easy to use APIs. Fully compliant with PCAF and EU Taxonomy reporting standard