The Hemma Platform

We are on a mission to help businesses drive home energy transition at scale by closing the data gap with real-time energy performance data.


We aggregate customer input & third party data from multiple sources and take care of GDPR and regulatory requirements for you.

Consumer input

Collected through your own solutions built on top of our API or through our grey-label user interfaces.

Third-party data

Data from various sources such as: geo, climate, solar radiation, land registry, grid providers and more.


Our smart algorithms perform continuous calculations to enhance data that enables you to:

Assess the current baseline on your property energy performance

Set goals and decide on proper action to drive green transition

Monitor outcome and keep track of progress


We deliver real-time energy performance data, insights and more on any detached property in Sweden. All through one single integration.

Consumer output

Clear and actionable energy renovation advice to help your consumers on their way to net zero emissions.


Get structured real-time energy performance data on a portfolio or per property level through our dashboard and APIs.