We are on a mission to help businesses close the data gap and power home energy transition at scale

Our Story

Hemma started as a pioneer of energy efficient mortgages in Sweden. The idea was to provide homeowners with financial incentives to retrofit their properties by providing a mortgage with competitive interest rate to those investing home energy improvement.

Early on we experienced the lack of energy performance data on residential buildings, making it hard to understand current performance, improvement potential, and validate the impact of carried out projects.

We started looking for a partner. Someone who could help us fill in the gaps and provide the data we needed to support our lending business – and do so at a large scale. We didn’t find anyone. So, we started to build that infrastructure and capability by ourselves.

Today, Hemma is the leading platform for aggregating & processing energy performance data of residential buildings in Sweden. We provide banks and energy companies with solutions supporting their businesses and customers in a variety of ways.

We are a pure business to business service provider. Our lending operation is nowadays divested. But we still leverage on our first-hand experience of the hassle of lacking adequate data, and the possibilities it creates once you have it.

Hemma And
The Global Goals

In a world where climate change effects are accelerating and energy prices are soaring, we want to contribute in the best way we can. In our vision of the future, everyone lives in a sustainable home. That’s why Hemma is supporting the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and working alongside our customers and partners to drive progress towards these goals by 2030. While it’s possible to link Hemma’s work to many SDGs, we focus on areas where we feel we can move the needle the most.

We actively contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings by working for reducing energy demand and increase installation of renewable energy sources.

We actively contribute to more sustainable cities and communities with reduced environmental impact by working for sustainable property management and retrofitting.



Superior Data & Insights

We provide bottom up property data and machine learning models trained by electricity meter data and first party data


Proven Solutions

Our solutions are brought to hundreds of thousands households by leading banks and energy companies


Driver Of Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions provide businesses with concrete tools and insights to drive sales and customer satisfaction


Powerful & Easy To Use

We provide easy to use APIs and ready-to-go digital services for home energy transition


Fastest Improving Platform

We release hundreds of improvements every year to keep you ahead of legal and market best practices